imageWe create dynamic jingles that get results.

Jingles increase awareness by up to 77%. Put the power of music to work for you! Need an original jingle for your client? Sweetsong Productions can create an original jingle package for radio or tv broadcast. that includes writing, arranging, musicians, vocalists, 4-6 30 second mixes and 4-6 60 second mixes, royalty free and lifetime ownership.


We focus on the concept that your music image is very important and can help bring customers in your door.

Your participation is vital for a successful audio image campaign. We focus on your goals and ideas, so the more you provide, the closer we are to a winning campaign.

Listen to our demos and give us a call with any questions you have.

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Jingle Demos

Image 1 Click here for Original Jingle Demo Sweetsong Productions will give you a powerful fresh new image without spending all your marketing money. We create original jingles or can customize stock jingles to create a strong impact within your budget.

Image 2 Click here for Stock Jingle Demo Choose from over 150 Stock Jingles that can be customized for your business with your name, slogan and information. Customized jingles for a fraction of the cost of an original jingle.

Top 5 Reasons for a professional jingle
  1. Increase awareness by up to 77%
  2. Bring more customers in your door
  3. Increase the quality of your production
  4. Establish a strong identity
  5. Increse your profits