Library Jingles


You can make it easy for more adults, senior citizens, young adults to discover the wonderful world of your library!

Help your community discover new worlds right in the comfort of your library. Sweetsong Productions can customize a professional jingle that will help the public think of your library. We also create Professional on hold messages Promoting your libraries special services and announcements.


On-Hold Messages

Why not tell your callers of upcoming events,new media, and new services when they call. Make them excited about new products and services you have available. Sweetsong Productions will create
professional on hold messages using Professional male or female
announcers, Digital recording and even a digital on-hold machine for
maximum quality. If you're not using a professional on-hold message
your callers are missing out.

You get all of the following:

  • Customized Library Jingle for your library
  • Exclusive market rights for that Jingle
  • Lifetime ownership (use this Jingle for years to come!)
  • No residuals
  • No royalties
  • Writing, arranging, Digital recording, Vocalists
  • Digital mixing of your Jingle package
  • 4-6 30 second mixes and 4-6 60 second mixes of your Jingle package

Sweetsong Productions

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Do you want more people to visit your library this week? You can make it easy for more people to discover the wonderful world of your library with a customized jingle that creates awareness for your library.

  1. Expand your mind
  2. Bring new worlds to you
  3. Discover new worlds
  4. Open your mind
  5. Be your very best
  6. On-hold (male)
  7. On-hold (female)