Specialty Jingles


We have created 50 great jingles that can be customized for your clients at a fraction of the cost of a new jingle.

You recieve exclusive market rights, lifetime ownership and no residuals ever! Offer a jingle to your client as part of an advertising package.


The best part is the cost is so low!

Here are some samples of the wide variety of jingles we can customize.

  • Car Dealers
  • Furniture Stores
  • Banks
  • Malls
  • Convienince Stores
  • Insurance Agents
  • Mobile Home Dealers
  • RV Dealers
  • and many more....

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Jingles for Customization

Image 1 Auto Dealers Now your dealership can have a jingle customized at a fraction of the cost of a new jingle.
Image 2 Banks Ever notice that most bank jingles sound alike? Give your bank a unique fresh image.
Image 3 Chiropractors A Professinal jingles can increase awareness by 77%. Educate, inform and promote your chirpractic serviceswith these dynamic jingles.
Image 3 Colleges/Education Promote your institute of higher learning with a jingle that gives you a strong positive image.
Image 3 Christmas Specialty Christmas jingles designed for seasonal advertising at a very minimal cost.
Image 4 Hospitals We have created fresh new jingles to promote your hospital, birthing center or hand washing campaigns.
Image 4 Libraries Do you want more people to visit your library this week? You can make it easy for more people to discover the wonderful world of your library with a customized jingle that creates awareness for your library.
Image 4 Malls Bring more shoppers in your mall with a fresh and different sounding jingle that separates you from other advertisers.
Image 4 Political Make your campaign stand out from other candidates. Your professional jingle will increase awareness by up to 77% and get more votes.
Image 4 Travel Agencies You have so much to offer and one of these dynamic jingles can tell the world how to travel the world.
Image 4 YMCA'S Bring more members in your YMCA this year with one of these dynamic jingles.