imageEffective hospital marketing is no easy task.

The public is constantly bombarded with news, commercials and information about and for your competitors. So, what makes your institution stand out among the masses?



A professional high visibility jingle can increase awareness by 77%. In today's competitive marketplace you need the public to view your hospital as safe, secure and responsible to gain advantage over your competitors. Now you can have a jingle customized at a fraction of the cost of a new one. Select one of the three Jingles that will work best for you, and then print, fill out and mail the order form. Sweetsong Productions can even change the theme line of any of these Jingles to meet your marketing needs. Need a new original jingle created from your  ideas? Call Sweetsong Productions for rates and information.

Handwashing Campaign

Now you can promote your hospital with a dynamic Handwashing campaign that includes a Custom Jingle, TV spot and Posters customized with your hospital identity for your local schools and community. Help your community learn good hygiene while gaining valuable promotion as a community leader.

Maternity Center Jingles

There's a lot of babies being born in your community this year. Why not have them born at your hospital? Choose from our Maternity Center Jingle demos to promote your Birthing Center.

On-hold messages

Sweetsong Audio/Video Productions can produce professional personalized On-Hold messages for your Chiropractor office. Don't let your callers hear a radio station or "canned message". Includes digital recording, professional male or female voice talent, background music licensing and clearance, production of up to 4 minutes of messages, edited master.

Videdo Production

We can create professional videos for TV commercials, training, and marketing. Check our our Demo and email us for more information.

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Sweetsong Productions has created several dynamic jingles that can be customized for you to give your hospital's campaign more recognition and more awareness. Click on each song to hear your next jingle.

  1. We're Here For Life
  2. New Era Of Caring
  3. We'll Always Be There
  4. Quality Care Close To Home
  5. Close To Home
  6. Your Partner In Health
  7. Handwashing Jingles
  8. On-Hold Demo

Maternity Center Jingles

  1. Baby Place
  2. The New Arrival

Video Demo

  1. Handwashing TV SPOT