On-Hold Messages


When a caller is left in silence or listening to the local radio station they may get tired of waiting or even worse call your competitor.

Don't keep customers on hold without promoting your business any longer. Callers on hold are excellent prospects of your current and new services. Today's business needs a professional music on hold or voice mail greeting in order keep callers engaged.


Create a Professional image...

  • Inform callers of new services
  • Promote your web site
  • Reduce abandoned calls
  • Avoid lost business
  • Prevent costly fines by playing the local radio station

Sweetsong Productions provides all of the following:

  • Digital audio recording
  • Professional voice talent (male or female)
  • Production music licensing
  • Digital mixdown
  • Edited master ready for phone use
  • Digital on-hold machine for quality audio playback

Increase your profits and caller awareness. Don't let them call your competitor! Don't keep your customers on-hold without promoting your business any longer!


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On-Hold Demos

Image 1 Click Here for On-Hold Demo We will produce up to 4 minutes of on hold messages monthly, quarterly or one time use. Increase your profits and create awareness to every caller of your services!