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Now you can have a jingle customized at a fraction of the cost of a new jingle. Sweetsong Productions will produce a dynamic jingle that brings more prospects in your door!

Your Bank Jingle package includes all of the following:

  • Customized jingle for your bank
  • Exclusive market rights
  • Lifetime ownership
  • Digital quality master
  • No residuals or royalties
  • Four to six 30-second mixes
  • Four to six 60-second mixes
  • 3 CD's ready for broadcast

Jingles increase awareness by 77%.
Your custom jingle will...

  • Make your message more memorable
  • Increase name recognition
  • Reach more recognition
  • Bring more customers in your door

On-Hold production
Includes digital recording, professional male or female voice talent, background music licensing and clearance, production of up to 4 minutes of messages, digital on-hold machine*, edited tape master.

Jingle Demos

1. Expect a difference
2. Your money, your choice, your bank
3. Trusted today & tomorrow
4. Experience the difference
5. The personal approach
6. Help when you need us most
7. We make it easy
8. Let us be there for you
9. Bank for the future
10. Working for you today
11. Hometown service

On-Hold Demo (Male)


On-Hold Demo (Female)


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Sweetsong Productions can also create
original jingles from your ideas.
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