Political Campaign Jingles


Raise awareness to your campaign and bring more voters to the polls.

Democrat or Republican you need to spread the message of your campaign to your future voters. Sweetsong Productions can help with a dynamic jingle customized for your specific needs and messages.


Keep your campaign on the minds of your supporters and gain the edge with a customized jingle.

These campaigns are proven effetive and they work!

Each jingle includes:

  • 4-6 60 second mixes
  • 4-6 30 second mixes
  • Exclusive market rights
  • Lifetime ownership

Need a new voice for your advertising campaign?

Sweetsong Productions can provide fresh new professional male or female voice talent for commercials to separate you from every other political commercial. Call for details.

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Sweetsong Productions has created 10 dynamic jingles that can be customized for you to give your political campaign more recognition and more support. Click on each song to hear your next jingle.

  1. It's Time For A Change
  2. A Better Tommorow
  3. A New Day
  4. We've Got To Make Some Changes
  5. This Is The Time
  6. He's On Our Side
  7. Tradition & Pride
  8. American Values
  9. A New Voice
  10. Leader We Can Trust