Station I.D.'s


Give your radio station a fresh new image without spending all your marketing money.

Our broadcast packages will be customized with your call letters, frequency and even theme line. We can create an original Station I.D. Package from your ideas.


Sweetsong writers, arangers, musicians, and vocalists can create a positive I.D. package for your station.

Why have a jingle package that sounds like almost every other station in your market?

  • Want something new, fresh and original?
  • Need ID's that don't clutter your station sound?
  • Need ID's that flow smoothly & create impact?
  • Want ID's different than your competitors?
  • Need a jingle package you can afford?


Sweetsong Productions

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Image 1 Country Come On Into the Country with our new Country I.D. package. We can give you that uniqe sound you have been searching for.
Image 2 Oldies Need a station I.D. package that doen't clutter your station sound and keeps the golden years alive?
Image 3 Gospel Christian radio is a station I.D. package that is new, fresh and different for your listeners.
Image 4 News/Talk Need a station I.D. package that flows smoothly and creates impact for your specialized audience.
Image 4 Classic Rock Rock and Roll lives forever and this station I.D. package keeps the classic hits alive.
Image 4 Christmas No matter what your format, we have created three beautiful Christmas jingles that can be customized.