Classic Rock


Classic rock should live on forever, so we've created a dynamic jingle package designed just for your station.

Why have a jingle package that sounds like almost every other radio station in your market and really doesn't fit your format?


Then listen to "Classic Rock Station IDs" an exciting new jingle package that can be customized with your call letters, frequency and even theme line. This is a station ID package designed to give you exactly what you want at no extra charge.

Coming Soon...


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Station ID's

Image 1 Jingles Origainal and custom jingles for your market that get results. Choose from our library of over 150 stock jinlges, or we will create an original jingle for your client. Jingle campaigns available for political, auto dealers, banks, malls, travel agencies, libraries, hospitals and chiropractors.

Image 2 Music LibrairesFresh production music created for radio, t.v. and marketing.

Image 3 Production Tools Let our singers bring you D.J.'s name and show to life.

Image 4 Voice TalentProfessional voice talent to give you a fresh sound for your commercials and promos.