Choir Recording


Exciting news for choir directors!

Now you can produce a professional CD and earn thousands for your choir! Here's the best part...with no investment.!


Sweetsong Productions can capture your choir in our studio or on location with Digital Recording technology and produce a professional CD that you can sell to earn extra income for your Choir. Since 1976 we have been producing quality recordings for musicians, singers, and songwriters. Now we have initiated a new program that helps us promote our state of the art recording services and earn great income for your choir. Our Pro Tools Studio and on location 24 track digital recording equipment can create a dynamic CD you can sell to choir members, family members, friends and members of your church or school. Sweetsong Productions has expanded our capabilities to provide in-house duplication so everything Is under one roof. This saves us money and gives you a chance to benefit.


Here's how it works. Sweetsong Productions will provide all of the following:

  • Studio or location recording
  • Professional engineer
  • Digital editing
  • Mastering
  • CD duplication with insert and tray card ready for resale

Your investment is $0.00

Order 100 CD's complete for $9.50 each and retail for $15 donation. Additional CD copies are available in lots of 50 For only $7.50 each. Sell 300 CDs and earn over $2,000 for your choir. There are no recording fees and this is a joint venture between Sweetsong Productions and your choir. You invest the talent and we invest the Digital recording, Engineer and production of CDs.If you are accepted into this limited program we will make it very easy for you to have a fund raiser that helps you earn money without any recording fees! This offer is available only to accepted Choirs and for a limited promotion. Sweetsong receives excellent exposure for our recording services and you can earn money with no investment!


Sweetsong Productions

193 Meadville Rd.

Parkersburg, WV 26104

(304) 428-7773

(866) 793-3876

Recording tips and info

  • Maximum length of CD should not exceed 35 minutes
  • Choir to provide typed list of songs, credits, and any graphics, logo or picture for CD pressing upon completion of editing
  • Choir is not responsible for any recording fees, only exception is if choir is to be recorded on location a travel fee of $150 is applied
  • Choir agrees to purchase a minimum of 100 CDs with option to order additional CDs in lots of 50
  • Choir is responsible for any song royalties. We suggest recording Public Domain songs to avoid any fees
  • Choir should have one extra song for recording as option to delete or add a song if needed
  • Choir agrees not to duplicate any CDs under Federal Copyright laws
  • Sweetsong Productions reserves the right to refuse recording of a choir based upon our investment
Here are just a few of our clients:
  • Ohio Valley University
  • St. Clairsville High School
  • North Marion High Shool
  • Parkersburg South High School
  • WV Wesleyan College
  • Marrietta Bible College
  • Stout Memorial Church
  • Elm Grove United Methodist Church
  • First Baptist Church of Williamstown
  • And more.