Tribute Videos

Every person's life touches so many other people...

Honor that special someone with a Biography or Tribute Video celebrating their special and unique life. A picture says a thousand words and a Biography Video tells the story of a lifetime. The possibilities are endless.


Friends, family and children all share something in common. It is the desire to remember the life of someone special to them. Biography Videos keep those memories alive for a lifetime and for generations to come. In fact, thanks to digital technology, your ancestors will be viewing it hundreds of years from now.


Your tribute video goes beyond, names, places and events in your life. It can reveal their heart, generosity, compassion, love and more. Noew you can commemorate a life in a special, beautiful, unique way.

We create a photo montage from your photographs, videos, and phone interviews. you select the photos, video and music and leave the rest to us.

A biography video is a fitting tribute to a wonderful life.
How A Biography Video Works...

Sweetsong Video Productions invests professinalism to your Biography Video to make it unique. You supply us with photos, video and we create a visual story that honors your loved one. We can even add audio interviews from your friends and family telling a story that will last for generations to come. Family memories will come alive with streaming transitions and beautiful backgrounds of your photos. you select the photos, video and music you want and leave the rest to us. We can even produce your video within 48 hours upon reciept of all materials for special occasions. Call us at (866) 793-3876 for more information.

What is a Biography Video?

Paying tribute to a loved one is a special way to honor their life. It reveals the memories, special events and the heart of a person's life. A Biography Video is inspirational, uplifting, even therapeutic. It also makes a great gift for loved ones now and in the future.
  • FUNERALS: Remember your loved one with an inspirational video showcasing their wonderful life.
  • ANNIVERSARIES: Celebrate a couple's wedding vows with a dynamic video that will never be forgotten.
  • BIRTHDAYS: Make this birthday special with a biography video from birth to present.
  • MOTHERS/FATHERS DAY: Pay tribute to your mother of father with their life story.
  • WEDDINGS: Share the love story of how two people came together starting with their childhood.
  • RETIREMENT: A life of hard work and sacrifice can be honored with a tribute video that fellow workers and friends will enjoy.
  • GRADUATION: Pay tribute to the hard work your student has invested by honoring them with a special flashback.
  • ATHLETES: A tribute video can showcase the accomplishments, dedication and commitment.


Standard Tribute Video

Includes up to 50 photos digitally produced with flowing transitions and movement to highlight the subject and create the perfect emotional tone. This package includes up to two songs and two screens of text.

Deluxe Tribute Video

Includes everything in Standard Tribute plus audio comments from up to four friends and family members. We will schedule interviews at times that are convienient for all of you.


Premiere Tribute Video

Everything in Deluxe Tribute Video including audio commentary plus up to six of your video clips(max. 15 minutes) and up to four songs.