Sweetsong Productions can create a professional jingle that can be customized for your agency for far less than an original jingle. This dynamic jingle can be used in all of your radio and television advertising. Music increases awareness by 77%. Make your advertising more effective and powerful! Now you can have a Jingle customized for a fraction of the cost of a new jingle. Select one of the five Jingles that works best for you or call us to create an original jingle for your agency..

Your Jingle Package includes. Customized travel agency jingle, exclusive market rights, lifetime ownership, no residuals or royalties, 4-6 30 second mixes and 4-6 60 second mixes, dgital recording and mastering 3 CD's ready for Broadcast.

Sweetsong Audio/Video Productions can produce professional personalized On Hold messages for your agency. Don't let your callers hear a radio station or "canned message". Promote your agency and it's services and sell more travel Packages this year. Includes digital recording, professional male or female voice talent, background music licensing and clearance, production of up to 4 minutes of messages, digital on-hold machine*, edited tape master.

Sweetsong Productions has produced a beautiful scenic video with Footage from Nepal, Thailand, Cayman Islands, Colorado, ,Australia, Costa Rica, West Virginia, and around the world. Your prospects will See the beautiful sites of oceans, waterfalls, sunsets, beaches, Mountains, and natural wonders of the world. This video will be customized
with your Agency logo, phone number and contact information. This beautiful video is excellent for in office use promoting your agency or as a give away to prospects to give them a strong desire for travel.

Sweetsong Audio/Video Productions can create custom TV Commercials, Promotional videos and videos for internet use. Visit our web site At


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