Production Music


Designed exclusively for radio and T.V.

Music to give your production a competitive edge! Choose from three different libraries.


These are music libraries you will use again and again.

Each production music library was created in a digital Pro Tools studio with live musicians and computer technology to give you some very fresh production music.


Sweetsong Productions

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Parkersburg, WV 26104


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Music Library Demos

Image 1 The Media Production Library A new exciting broadcast production library designed exclusivly for radio and t.v. Cuts can be used for commercials, audio or video production and more. Each disc features 10 full length 3-4 minute version, 60 second mix and 30 sec mix to fit your production needs. A great variety of styles. All 5 discs are tracks you can and will use.
Image 2 The Audio/Video Library 5 dynamic CD's created with "Live" musicians. Discs 1-4 feature 10 full length cuts. Disc 5 has 99 logo's for transitions.
Image 3 The Bare Tracks Library 2 CD's created exclusively for commercial production. 10 cuts per CD with 30 & 60 second mixes. Instrumentation is not cluttered and really works. Add your own production sounds, music and effects to the tracks.
Image 3 Order all three libraries and save Order all 3, Media Production Library, Audio/Video Library and Bare Tracks Library at a discounted rate.